Hey all,

This is a song I recorded a couple years ago and just decided to put it up on my site. The recording process was actually kinda funny... I couldn't figure out why the vocals sounded kinda "muddy" and didn't realize (until the end) that I had my condenser mic turned the wrong direction the whole time!

So, on the last chorus, the "clear" vocals of the chorus come in at the end. I thought it gave it a pretty cool effect though in the end... Though someday I'll probably record the thing right!

I wrote this two years ago, so I was in High School, and I'm working on becoming a better lyricist. Let me know how I can become better as a musician and writer please. I'll return the favor as soon as I can.

Here's the song: "Cliche"



Jesse Bronson
It's really good vocally and as a song. But for a more final version I'd suggest you know a full band and stuff. You could get a really climactic last chorus with a full band. However if you wanna keep it on the more acoustic side then i'd suggest more harmonies and perhpas some mild percussion like a shaker or a tambo or somthing. Or maybe some a cello or somthing from a key board. hope that helped...

These are some you could crit


The chorus is great, you have a wonderful explosive voice that raises the song up, one pice of advice i would give is master your track before you release it. Im not sure how you recorded but the acoustic is slightly too bassy. Its happens alot when recording acoustic guitar, especially if you dont know where your placing the mic, if you put it right infront the guitar sounds boomy and its happening a bit. A simply EQ control where you dampen some lows would work. Other than that good one.

If you have time some crit would be appreciated.


I'll work on eq'ing. I think part of the problem was having the mic backwards for the guitar and the vocals. It gave it this weird ambient type sound. i'll work on it though, so thanks for the tips.
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