I believe that' being a good thing that I am presenting myself as when I come into the house of other people

My name is Antonello, I'm 42 years old and I'm italian, I play for a long time but I have resumed activities only 4 years ago and now I study with Tom Hess.

I am passionate to do it yourself, and I have built my whole instrumentation .. included the guitar!

I have made a group trio, ViruTrio, and we play live concerts from... 2008 !!! ehehehe
What do you want to see these snippets:


and the other video under my nick !

In addition, we have recorded CDs that have intention of impending exit. You can listen to some demo a few months ago on my space:

I send greetings to all and ... I started to read your posts ;P


    hi and welcome to UG. if you'd like to promote your band/music, please post in the Promote Your Band forum
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