hi i simply want to know which bridge is the best at keeping a guitar in tune after you have used to tremelo a bit?
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ive heard good things about bigsbys too if your going for a vibrato instead of a tremolo
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well the reason i ask is cause im thinking of getting an ibanez either with a edge pro or a ZR but not sure what the difference is really
The ZR tremolo feels a lot smoother than the Edge Pro, but both are top of the line products and you can't go wrong with them. Just try them out and see what you like better.
(But avoid the Edge III and the old Edge pro 2 - bad quality.)
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Vintage fender tremolo, I'm assuming.

he said best at keeping in tune, not losing it

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I havent tried the new edge zero, but I tried he edge pro, edge III, ofr, and zr. The edge zero is supposedly combining the edge blades with the zero resistance power of the zr. If it works as said, it is then by far the best bridge.
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Lol seriously? I've been told by countless store employees that it's the best at keeping tune. And they're all supposedly accomplished.

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Wilkinson makes great bridges. I have the 2 point trem on my strat and it was the best upgrade besides the pickups.
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