I've been working on Coheed and Cambria's "Welcome Home" and I notice that you need to use pinch harmonics in the intro but I do not know how to do this.

Can someone please explain how to do this?
Its basically grazing the side of your thumb against the string a micro-second after you pick. The same simple motion you know and love, just with a hint of thumb

Its a difficult trick to learn as it is not easily explained, and implementing it is even harder when going from one guitar to another.
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I've got a fever, and the only prescription, is more pinch harmonics threads.

On this particular song, you need to have impeccable striking technique to nail the harmonics, especially during the intro and the bridge, which have harmonics on the higher strings. I've found that these harmonics are harder to nail.
Work on playing it as-written with no harmonics first, then add them in later.
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claudio cant even pull off those harmonics himself. Really dissapointing to see them live and just not even try em.

I can pull them out by eihter hitting with my pick and the fat callous on my the picking thumb at the same time, on the tip of my index finger and pick. Its gonna take alot of practice to get them on diff. parts of them fret board. Just try different attacks..on diff. parts of the string.

Seems that high gain helps too, and hot picups dont hurt either. You will accidently pull them put when playing fast, and it will all make sense.
for some reason i just stumbled upon pinched harmonics one day and its been easy for me ever since. its tough to explain. you have to hold your pick so that, like previously stated, graze your thumb against the string after the pick stroke. i find that bending the note and kind of getting the pick behind the string helps alot. but ya, theres alot of good videos on youtube.
after you pick, touch the string with your thumb. put a lot of gain on the amp and keep doing this really fast until you got it. then once you think you got it repeat what you just did. at least, thats how i learned
it seems weird when you first try, but once you get it sorted its easy
lots of good vids on youtube for it.
Coheed and Cambria are amazing.
im obsessed.
had to put that in.
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Its kind of hard to explain how to do them. But once you get it, its so easy. But yea, watching some instructional vids will help
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