Is there any disadvantage other than more weight if you have more than one pickup? I have an L.R. Baggs M1 Active soundhole pickup that I like most of the time, but at church the soundboard guys are gain happy and every tap bump or squeak on the guitar's body gets amped up really bad, plus I have a Fishman Aura which is supposed to work better with piezo pickups, so I had thought about installing a Fishman Matrix Infinity since my end pin is still free, the other pickup uses a drilled hole in the corner.

Am I going to kill/mute my sound in any way if I do this? Any other disadvantages?
John Butler in the John Butler Trio uses two pickups in his 11 string.

He has a soundhole pickup and one that's under the bridge thats like a fishman or something i think.

He uses a volume pedal to switch between them and he uses like overdrive and cool effects that you usually only hear on electric guitars.