hey guyz,

I recently bought a used rg550. Its bridge pickup produced a lower volume. So i asked the dealer to replace them with another. He showed me seymour duncans on a guitar with just one humbucker, and made the replacement. But now:

Problem 1:

Which pickups do i have? my guess is these:
The guitar looked like this (peavey raptor Jr):

Problem 2:

Well, although he managed to install it, the duncan pickups sound oddly loud, compared to the other ones. so i cant get that tone distinction on various pickup selection. The other pickups are old so may be slightly worn out.

What can be done to get an even tone?

Problem 3:
The duncans are able to pick up sound not just from the strings but also from the tremelo arm, the bridge and even the body! (with a higher gain). Is that a wiring/earthing problem?

How do u go about fixing it?

I have the following circuit diagram. but i'm not sure if the guy used this to install it. I can rewire using this diagram.. if someone confirms its a wiring problem.


Any help will be great! Thnx
Don't bump after 10 minutes, sir. Wait a day or so, at least.

Problem one: I doubt he installed a Custom Shop Seymour Duncan pickup. I really, really, doubt it. You can maybe find out, if you take the pickup out. There may be a label on the back of it.

Problem two: Try lowering your bridge pickup's height, or raising the other one.

Problem 3: What kind of sound does it pick up?
Problem 1: will let ya know which pickup in a while.
problem 2: ive lowerd the loud one as much as i could and raised the other ones
prob 3: it picks up any knocks, taps anything esp on the bridge and the tremolo arm.
Well, it sounds like it's a really hot pickup. Do you have a multimeter?

High output would account for why it's SO much louder, and picks up a lot of stuff.
Also, if I know the output, i can help you identify it better, if there's no label.

BTW, pickups don't get "worn down". They don't break easily at all. Think about it. Guitars from the 50's and 60's still have their same pickups and work fine.
Thnx a lot for the info! really grateful my man!

I opend up the guitar... here's the config:

Dimarzio dp155 (neck)
Some unnamed but similar to dp155 single coil (center)
Unnamed duncans (bridge)

I also checkd the wiring. The pickup selector is not wired as in the diagram linked in the first post.

Furthermore, the magnet on the center pickup is broken! I'll get that replaced too. Its weird that sound is unaffected even on the strings where the magnet is broken. Suggestions would be nice... i'm into warm tones like slash's; cleaner tones like becker's.

I didn't think of checking the output... i'll let ya know the output of each pickup.
basswood body, rosewood fingerboard

I cant get my friggin bluetooth thing to work... will upload picks as soon as i can.

and oh.. btw.. i'll be busy with some school wrk for a day.. so will reply on Friday!

Thnx again!