Last monday I came home from my roadtrip to Iron Maiden in toronto. I met my international business teacher on tuesday and asked what i missed.

Well he threw a little fit over me missing class, apparently I have to join a group of 4 and put forth a FORTY MINUTE LONG oral presentation of a country. I admit full responsibility for missing class and embrace the consequence that I was only able to find ONE partner as opposed to 3 for this project.

BUT, him making our project due in 2 weeks from today because i missed monday class is nothing short of being a prick. MY consequence is a heavier workload, now making my partner and I due in 2 weeks is plain unfair... buuuut whatre you gonna do eh?

So anyways, we were assigned Peru... is there anyone that lives in Peru or HAS lived in Peru on this forum ? what can you share with me about the country ? and asides from Wikipedia, does anyone know any website I could use to dig up information?

btw. the format is... me and my partner are representatives of Peru and we are asking the World Bank for half a billion $ to help the economy/infrastructure/tourism etc and in the end... HOW Peru will pay back

i Deeply appreciate any help at all
Well, I'm Peruvian, and I have been to Peru a lot. That's all I can share, so give me credit in your report.
I did a report on Peru earlier this year. It's not hard to find info on it...
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I'm going to peru in august 2009 for a month long expedition
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Quote by Spoony_Bard
I did a report on Peru earlier this year. It's not hard to find info on it...

Could you send me your report ?

EDIT: not to plagiarize directly
i'm from peru... and i dont think that this country could pay that amount back...

if u got other questions.. ask me