I went to Guitar Center not too long ago, and picked up some Green brain picks. I got home and opened the package and found out I didn't look at the size of the picks, which were .53 MM, it was terrible. I use 1.00 MM. I've built my whole pick attack around the 1.00 MM picks. What pick size do you guys use? All my friends like thin picks, but I get very sloppy in my picking with the thin ones. Also I pick really hard, what about you guys? Hard or Soft? And my last question is, whenever I pick fast, my fingers turn my pick, so I kinda hit the string with the side of the pick. Is there a exercise I can do to fix this? Or is it unavoidable?

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i use the really thick to medium picks can't stand those really soft picks which feels like there going to brake off when you play and plus they make a popping noice against the strings when playing rythem...... i don't think there anything you can do to avoid the pick turning in your hands sept to hold your pick really tight between your fingures cuz mine does the same the pick twists in my fingures when i'm playing
Quote by guitarkp
Dunlop Jazz III's, best pick in the world

This reminds me of Borat for some reason.

I like Jazz III's aswell, although I drop them a lot and it can be awkward to play rhythm with them.
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IDK what the exact size, its the blue Dunlop its a Heavy, and it has the turtle on it, or it did, its not on it anymore.
Jazz III's...

You get used to playing rhythm with them...it is tricky at first.
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