who cares if it's ugly? (I actually think it's rather awesome, but oh well). if it's a cheap guitar, get it!
YES, it looks like something prince would play
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Go for it. Looks aren't the most important thing in a guitar (for me at least..).
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YES, it looks like something prince would play

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To be honest, I quite like it. Get it, doesn't matter about the looks as long as it plays and sounds good.
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i think it looks fine
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It looks like a bass with guitar strings and pickups instead!! I think its kinda cool
ugh. That thing is a beast. I always hated basses that looked like that.
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ughh, that IS ugly
get it
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It broke my screen
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remember UG Community? thought so.
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What the hell do you have against Polish people?!

Anyways, go for it.
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i think that looks like a great guitar, and to be honest, you dont really deserve the thing if you dont want it because it's "ugly".
that's one ugly thing you got there :O
maybe you can buy it for cheap and cut off that large... thing
Fug no, unless you plan on sawing that dildo off of it.
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Fug no, unless you plan on sawing that dildo off of it.

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I actually quite like it.
But if you think its ugly, then don't. People will say looks dont matter for a guitar, its about how it plays etcetcbs. But if you're not happy with the looks of your guitar, you won't be happy with the guitar in general. Find one that plays just as well and looks the way you like.
bugger it im happy with my LP studio, hellraiser, s-series, USA strat and kelly at the mo.
I wouldn't...it's one ugly mofo and I couldn't imagine myself playing it. Can you?

That aside, unless that seller's got a good selling history with custom made guitars...I wouldn't mess with him.
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