thanks in advance

Ibanez GSA 60
Ibanez RG4EX1QM
Metal Muff
Jackson DKMGT
GK Backline 210
Vox VT50
Crate XT15R
Ibanez SR400QM
Ibanez GSR 200 bass
Crate B15 bass amp
Lots of Monster cords
They are the best solid state amps you can get... and their MTS module series is fairly well received... but I'm sure there are better tube amps out there.

Wrong forum BTW.
"good" is subjective...
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I have a randall. I am very happy with it. The RG series is perfect because I dont have enough cash or space for an ENGL or a Mesa or a Peavey stack. I got an RG75D and its perfect for me. Amazing distortion, good cleans, the effects are a bit over the top. But at least it has reverb and chorus. Thats all I really need.

Randalls are good amps. Best SS/Hybrid (pretty much the same right?) amps imo.
I've got the Randall RG100 Valve Dynamic and I have to say it is a great amp.
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