I had an idea a while back, decided to do it, to make an acoustic bass out of an acoustic guitar. A lot of people told me it couldn't be done, but it's not terrible considering the grand total for the thing was $33. I got it most of the way done.

Pretty much my process was
-Cut a V shape into the head for aesthetics
-Remove old strings, pry off old nut
-Remove old bridge. This was kind of sketchy, it was screwed and glued on, so when I pried it off it left a bit of itself behind and took a bit of the body with it.
-Applied a paint job, followed by a clear coat.
-Glued on the new nut, screwed an glued on the new bridge.
-Put on new strings. I also ran into a problem here, my E string wouldn't fit in the tuner, so I had to drill it out.
-Tune. This also kind of sucked, because these are cheap guitar tuners, and 3 of the the heads broke when I was tightening them so I had to finish with a pair of pliers.

So, all things considered, it doesn't sound terrible. However, one problem I'm still having is that the tuners aren't strong enough to get enough tension on the strings, the gears just slip when you try to tighten it any more than it wants to.

So that leads me to my question, are bass tuners generic enough that I can just get pretty much any set and make them work, maybe with a little drilling/cutting involved?
yeah for a bass guitar you NEED bass tuners. Guitar tuners arent strong enough
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