Alright so I have given up on playing so many times before because it's to hard for me to ever play a song. This time I want to actually finish at least one song, I love Modest Mouse and I would want to play their song "Bankrupt On Selling"


Is that tabbed right if anyone could check? And if so it seems pretty short for the song, and are you supposed to listen to the real song to get the strumming down?
I'm not familiar with the song or band, but out of five votes... it only has 3 stars. And my guess would be that it's not a very good tab, but that's just what I see... and if you decide to use that tab, you would probably have to listen to the song to get the strumming right. The reason why it's short is probably because thats the only riff. I would try finding another tab, if possible.

Hope that helps.
Don't know the song, but according to the rating and comments the is not very good

See if there are other tabs with better ratings.