Throughout the year, in English class, we've read several biographies of famous people who really didn't interest me at all. However, my teacher finally gave us the opportunity to choose any person to read a biography on. So far I've heard that both the Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain [auto]biographies were decent. It needs to be an authorized biography that has some big words so that my teacher doesn't reject it. Any ideas Pit?

Edit: So after reading from this thread, and doing my own research, I've come up with these so far:

Heavier Than Heaven.
Syd Barrett: Crazy Diamond: The Dawn Of Pink Floyd.
Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan.
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The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara is really good. its an autobiography though, so i dont know if its allowed in your class.
Cash by Johnny Cash is superb, a really good read. I bet 98% of the Motley Crue one, the Dirt was complete bull****e, but it was enjoyable trash.
Hmmmm.. why did I read this title as 'Your Favorite Blowjobs?'

But... yes..... anyway

Only autobiography I've ever finished was Slash's. It got very repetitive (we did this show... then I got wasted... then we did this show.... then I got wasted x50) but was fun to read

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Has anyone read Down the Highway? On second thought, I don't really want to read much about Kobain. Autobiographies are cool too, btw.
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heavier than heaven
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i read the kurt cobain one, well
half of it
i am currently reading one about andy warhol...its really good
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