So I'm in need of a new amp, the crappy Marshall that I bought when I was a gullible newbie has to go.

I need a new amp to be used for alone practice and small gigs. Price range I'm thinking 500-600 USD. Anything lower with quality is still fine, of course. I'm into stuff like Dream Theatre, Satriani, and classic rock (yeah I know I should broaden my musical tastes a bit but I don't really have access to a computer atm). I'm not in a band yet, but if I was I'm sure both lead and rhythm would be exciting for me. So I guess what I'm basically looking for a somewhat versatile amp.

by the way, are you allowed to bring your guitar and amp when you move into a college dorm? just a random question heh.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for responding.

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Save a little more and get some tubes. Or maybe a fender blues right now.

You can bring guitars and amps. Just don't play loud. People complain. Then you go to jail for a night,
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a fender blues isnt going to be good for metal, like dream theater.
John petrucci uses Mesa Boogie amps, check them out, even though its out of your price range, you might want to just save up.

Take a look at peavey amps, they are great for the metal.