I wouldn't consider myself an absolute beginner to playing guitar, but I'm definetly no expert. I can play simple stuff, like the intro to Can't Be Saved by Senses Fail, and the intros to a few Three Days Grace songs. It's all simple stuff. Anyway, to my question.

I want to learn how to play rhythm guitar, specifically for a hardcore/nu-metal band. Let's say I want to print out some lessons, and download some videos, then go lock myself in my room for a month and play. Where would I go to find some really good lessons?

I don't just want to learn to play it, I want to know the theory behind it. I've made a few attempts at learning theory, but I never made it far. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I could go about doing that too? Thanks.
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two* ... but im guessing the easiest way would be to go to your local guitar store and buy some books on scales and techniques, not tab books, also im sure you can find a good music theory book at barnes and nobles or some other book store, i am pretty sure they make an idiots guide to music theory
drop tuned stagnant notes with varied rhthms.
hardcore rhythm guitar

On a serious note: I can't think of any hardcore lessons off the top of my head, but I'm sure you could find some videos on youtube of people playing hardcore and just study what they do and try it yourself
hardcore guitar parts are annoying...stupid rhythms and dissonant chords
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power chords, detuning (drop D, drop C, Eb etc...) palm muting, tremolo picking/strumming are some basics you may wanna start off with, i can't really think of any sites at the moment that will give you lessons devoted strictly to nu-metal and hardcore, but there is some lessons here and on harmony-central.com and cyberfret.com that will teach you a little about theory. Good Luck
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hardcore guitar parts are annoying...stupid rhythms and dissonant chords

Then what's a more respected style of playing that I can learn, that would sound good with some distortion, and could be used to back up a hardcore band?
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What are some techniques that are useful for rhythm?

picking triplets and pinch harmonics
What I would suggest is listen and jam along to some of your favourite bands and hear and play what they do rhythmically, also work on different types of strumming and palm muted rhythms, playing rhythm is easy, just make sure you play along with bass and drums and that you sit in time with each other, rhythm in nu metal is just playing bar and power chords, anybody can do it.
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Learn some songs by hardcore bands?
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what does the X in the middle of the 4 and 6 mean....lol

Don't play that string, so you only hit the 4 and 6, making an octave sound.
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Don't play that string, so you only hit the 4 and 6, making an octave sound.

I dont exactly now how he'd hit only the 4 and 6 without also hitting the string between.............

what you do is: youre using youre 1st finger the 4 on the 5th string, you take your 1st finger and, while still maintaing that 4, slightly rest or touch it on the string between the 4 and 6, which in this case, would be the 4th string therefore muting it.
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