Hey everyone.
Is it right to say someone is 'manning the till at a supermarket' does that make sense? I all of a sudden have this mental block on the subject. I want to use that or something similar in a piece im writing. The girl is working at the till in a supermarket but I'd like to say it in a bit more interesting way.
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Yes, manning the till is pretty acceptable. Why do you need to say she is working at the till? If it has some relevance and not just part of the story then, is it really necessary to add it?

But if it has a point for being there, then I'd suggest maybe "The till lept past the girls fingertips, throwing out the money that she knew she could only dream of." Its not great but its hard to make a girl at a till interesting, unless she was amazingly hot.
"She woke up one last morning
Manning her till as usual
This supermarket life needed a change"

Thats the part I need to change, it gets interesting though, this is just the intro, but it plays a big role in the piece so I need to say it. Its called 'the death of Andy's madness', Ill put it up tomorrow hopefully.
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