What are some chord progressions that make you feel really really good and happy and just overly pleased? I'm really interested in experimenting with come pleasing, somewhat sensual and happy progressions. Thanks for any reccomendations!

The simplist and most pleasant progression of all.


Also very pleasant. That's why it's used so much. Also very boring.

IM7 ii7 V7 I

Simple, jazzy, pleasant, overused.

I vi IV V I and I V vi IV I

Very common.

Basicly, certain chord progressions sound pleasant because we're used to hearing them. They're predictable. That's what makes them sound nice, but it also makes them sound boring (unless the melody is interesting). That's why people use chord substitutions.

I could play that over and over and over. An example would be:

Dmin9 | G7#5 | Cmaj7 (C6, C6add9).

Notice I altered the chords a bit from the basic Dmin, G7, Cmaj which sounds pretty naff.
IV ivm6(or iim7b5) I. Or I bVI bVII I. Throwin' some nondiatonic stuff out there.

EDIT: I have absolutely no way of knowing if you know figured bass, so examples, both in C major.

F Fm6(or Dm7b5) C.
And C Ab Bb C.
well if you wanna hear a pleasant chord progression, you gotta consider the cadence. i'd recommend perfect authentic cadence. plagal would also be fine.
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It would depend on countless other factors. There is no progression that sounds inherently pleasing. That said: i-VI-III-VII
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