I have an Ibanez SA. It was my first "real" guitar (the first was a behringer, didnt want to keep it) so, i want to upgrade my SA. i want to put a new neck on, an ibanez to be precise. now, this is my question. If the SA's neck is 22 frets, does that mean that i can only put a 22 fret neck on as a replacement? say, i could put an Ibanez S neck on, but not an ibanez RG/JEM?

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the neck needs to have the same number of frets, be built for the same scale length, and have the same heel shape (they're both Ibanezes, so I'd assume they're the same, but I don't know for sure if they are or not, so it's worth looking into.) as the guitar you want to put it on.
If those all match up, you'll be good with the new neck.