Hello once again fellow UGers

the last time I posted a new thread was to brag about my new carvin v3, but my avatar hasn't come in just yet
well my 2x12 avatar just came in yesterday and i've been jamming loud as hell ever since, mann this V3 really does live up to it's word and deliver some awesome tones

now about this post... I'm considering putting some casters on my cabinet, preferably ones with locks so my head doesnt just coincidentally fall off if it rocks around too much

BUT this is new stuff i'm talking about here, i'm kind of nervous on how to do it, and what to get, and how big of casters, all that stuff

i was wondering if anyone can help me out on this, it's a completely new cabinet, speakers just recently broken in, or maybe not even broken in fully yet, and i'm just afraid to f*ck up the cab or possibly the tone (if thats possible at all, i'm a total noob at casters and owning a head and cab in general)

any help would be greatly appreciated