Hey my band has been acoustic for a very long time, but we've got drums now so we're going to go ahead and record our songs using a bit of electric guitar (still a lot of acoustic, but a little electric). I have MXL 990 and MXL 991 condenser mics (running through AudioBuddy Preamp/Direct Box), and a Shure SM58. I've pretty much got my amp and guitar set up sounding how I like them, though I'll probably have to adjust it again since it's a bit loud.
Anyway, I guess I'm just looking for advice before I start. I'm going to use a click track and put the guitar and bass and stuff down then let the drummer do her thing (my stepdad has a set of shure drum mics that we're going to use, so ill figure that out when i get there, just want advice for electric guitar now). Am I correct that the mic should be really close to the amp? Are there any tips or tricks that any of you have? I'm pretty clueless on electric guitars. Just wondering what I could do without spending any mroe money. Thanks.
yeah close but not too close, you don't want the mic rattling against the grill of the amp.
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you should just experiment and see what works. Move the mic around and adjust your amp settings until you find something that sounds good. Also try close-micing with the 58 and use the 991 as an ambient mic. Or maybe you might want to put a mic behind the amp or put your amp in a closet. Basically, just try everything.