I just got peed on by my dog!

I came home, he was in laying in the yard and I started rubbing his belly and the next thing I now

bam! all on my face

*waits for witty "thats not pee" joke*

whats up guys?
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Not much. You?

EDIT: On a more serious note, that sucks. My cat farted in my brothers face once, but your situation sounds worse.
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Woah, woah. Back the hell up.

Polo shirt?


Of course he got all the girls, he's Rick Astley.
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Don't use 'gay' as a derogatory term. It's discriminatory and immature.
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Don't use 'gay' as a derogatory term. It's discriminatory and immature.

+1000 and also a lot of respect.

Anyways, My friend got peed on once by his brother
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Piss on your dog... problem solved

Have to agree, untill you do he will think you're his bitch, packing order man
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pics or it didnt happen
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I wouldn't be friends with him after that whole text messege thing... not because he's a a cheater but because he's a text-messeger
Give him a hand....... no wait dont lol just pee on him or get your cat to fart in his face or play twister with him
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That's not pee!...

But seriously that sucks... I'd puke if I a dog pissed on my face.
Hey, at least your mouth wasn't open... right?
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the house burnt down
pics coming soon!

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Best theory lesson EVER!

Hahahahahahahahaahahaha.................................................................................on another note my dog did that once we had a guests and the man was a total dick, my dog walks in pees on his leg and walks out