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So a few weeks ago I listed my Peavey JSX 4x12 on Craigslist for $450 and didn't get a reply for a few days. The only reply I did end up getting was somebody not local saying they'd pay me $550 to keep other buyers away. Naturally I agreed but said they'd have to pay shipping. The guy said he'd include money to cover the shipping cost. He emailed me a bit later saying that he'd include $2,000 to cover all charges and that I could just send the rest back later.

I wait a week or so after we exchange information, and just this morning I get this in the mail:

I blocked out the check #'s and the addresses.

I woke up around 12 today and I just saw $2,550 and I was like O_O! I really didn't think he would send anything, but sure **** here it is. I'm gonna take it to a bank this afternoon to make sure its not counterfeit, and I'm gonna make sure it clears before I do anything.

Anyone else ever get in a situation like this? I was seriously surprised the guy even sent anything, I doubted it after I saw the $2,000 thing in the email. All I know is that if I don't get a shipping address soon, I'm ordering myself a Mako Dorado lol.
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Nice! Haha thats monster, put up your amp for 450 bucks, get 2550. Not bad.
Yeah, make sure it clears first, then you can write him a check back for whatever is left after shipping.
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so are u keeping all the money?

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He emailed me a bit later saying that he'd include $2,000 to cover all charges and that I could just send the rest back later.

I believe he said that he wants you to send the rest of the money back later :\
I thought this was gonna be about the tweakers who tried to sell their baby to buy more ice.
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Verify and cash the check, and maybe explain the situation to the bank...I'm sure they could tell you how this scam works (I think it is a scam...)

If everything checks out though, do the honest thing and send the left over money back.
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you ripped him off?

lucky bastard.

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I have no clue. I'm gonna take it to the bank later today and make sure its a legit check before I even consider shipping it off.

I'm not gonna rip the guy off, but packing charges might be a little steep
It's probably a serious pro who needs that specific piece of gear.
The check looks pretty legit.
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Oh you must be on the wrong side of the world, it's check here in America.
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Oh you must be on the wrong side of the world, it's check here in America.

+1. "Cheque" looks French, and French people are as gay as Jeffree Star.
I'm pretty sure this is a scam.
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I don't see what the scam would be. If you can't cash the check, don't send him the amp; if you can, just send it and write him a check for the rest of the money.
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+1. "Cheque" looks French, and French people are as gay as Jeffree Star.

"cheque" is the word for check in spanish, not french.

Se habla español

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I'm tempted to report this thread because of how weird this is getting.

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"cheque" is the word for check in spanish, not french.

I said looks, not is.
but k. i should know 'cause i take spanish, but i don't think we ever covered anything about currency besides peso and dinero.
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Oh you must be on the wrong side of the world, it's check here in America.

And up here in Canada we say cheque.
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It's a scam, don't even bother. Honestly, this happens to a lot of people. Check all the writing. I've seen some that say Bank of Arkansas or something to that extent, yet the letter was shipped from South Africa. Everything contradicts itself. Where did you get the letter from?

I think you should repost it, and tear that check up. It isn't worth a penny.

I can tell already! Look at the top, it says Wells Fargo Bank, NA. And underneath it says San Francisco CA. How is there a Nebraskan bank in California?
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From wikipedia
Quote by Wikipedia
Related to check cashing scams, the scammer will contact the seller of a listed item or service on eBay, Craigslist or other classified ad site, and offer to buy the item or hire the lister's services. The scam then plays one of two ways.

In an overpayment scam, the scammer will send a check or money order that is far larger than the agreed-upon price of the item, telling the seller to deduct any packing or shipping costs incurred, then refund him the remainder (which could be several hundred or even thousand dollars more) using a wire transfer service. This wire transfer is an advance fee similar to check cashing scams; the payment note is a forgery, and once discovered the mark has lost both the item and the amount of the overpayment.

The second method is a cancellation; after the mark receives and deposits the fraudulent check, the scammer cancels the transaction and demands their money back immediately, often by inventing some sort of personal catastrophe to gain the mark's sympathy. The scammer may also threaten to leave negative feedback about the mark on sites like eBay. The mark then refunds the entire balance of the check by wire transfer, and as before is eventually made to repay the amount of the fake check to the bank.

The overpayment scam has evolved considerably over time. Originally the scammer contacted sellers of items valuable to the scammer, such as items that can be resold on the black market (such as jewelry), would personally benefit the scammer (such as consumer electronics like HDTVs and stereo equipment), or could be used in further scams (such as laptops, portable storage devices, printers, cameras and scanners). However, the intent of scammers has largely changed from acquiring the item to getting the money. This may have been influenced by the growing awareness of this scam in online communities, resulting in sellers refusing to ship an item internationally. Currently, if the advertisement is an item for sale, the scam is usually run using a "drop"; the item is sent to a third party in the scam, who is often a scam victim themselves being manipulated into receiving packages for the scammer. This third party may forward a package (at their own expense) that is of high value to the scammer, or could be instructed to sell the item to a pawn shop or through a classified ad and forward the money, but most often they are told simply to hold the packages indefinitely.
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LEDHEADIT:...errr...nevermind, its a scam
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It's a scam. The exact same thing happened to my friend. He was smart enough not to believe it and canceled the deal.
It's a scam.
Think about it, he says he will pay $2,550 right?
He can buy a new Peavey JSX for this amount of cash.
Honestly yes I actually was in a similar situation. My mom had a dining room set she wanted to sell so I put an ad up on craigslist and had this guy constantly emailing me saying to take the ad off and he wanted to offer a lot more then the asking price. He said he has some business and he was going to take care of shipping expenses. He wanted to ship it to the U.K. because he had a client interested in the dining room set. If you look at craigslist FAQ page they warn you about those types of emails. So do not communicate with who ever sent you that check.
dont feel bad when the bank laughs you out the door when trying to cash that...actually i'd be careful with that, they might think you were trying to pull one over on them (the bank) and you might be in for a lot of trouble...
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He emailed me a bit later saying that he'd include $2,000 to cover all charges and that I could just send the rest back later.
What possible reason would anyone have to send so much more than the shipping costs could be?

Scam. Simple as.

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Wow. If that's legit, that dude is brilliantly trusting.

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