What exactly does the blues driver do? I've listened to the demos on the boss website but they sound like they are barely doing anything...
its an overdrive/boost pedal. The overdriven sound you hear on the site is probably the sound that the pedal produces through the clean channel of an amp. But it can also be used to boost the signal to saturate the preamp tubes in a tube amp.
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it makes you play blues automatically..
when turned on you're only allowed to play blues, it like forces you..

not really
i dont have a clue
i dont have one you see.
It's an overdrive pedal made to simulate the overdrive of a vintage tubescreamer. It basically is a copy of the original tubescreamer circuits.
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it gives you a bluesy overdrive kinda like a blues version of super overdrive but I found out if I krank the gain and scoop the mids on my eq I get a Lamb of God tone out of my BluesDriver wierd hah
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