I have a recently become interested in Jazz guitar, and while I plan on continuing to focus on Rock and Blues, I would like to learn to play some Jazz. I'm about halfway through the modes, I know Pentatonics inside out, I'm learning what chords are in a key, and also chord building/chord based lead playing. How much of this is applicable, what do I need to learn, and what are some good resources to learn from? Just tell me anything that would help! I'll have my teacher show me some stuff, but I'll keep focusing on theory with him. If I would learn more than Jazz only, I might consider a book(like something on improv, or standard notation, and how its applicable in Jazz). Thanks!
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Well the short answer would be, learn everything you can all the time. The helpful answer would be:

Major scale and it's harmony inside out.

Chord formation inside out.

You have to have a good sight reading ability.

Have a notion of where which intervals are from which note you're playing (tis what I'm working on). You have to play a note and see where a major third is, a minor second, a major sixth etc. It's hard work and it seems like it's going to take for ages but it should be well worth it.


You have to listen listen listen! transcribe transcribe transcribe!

Learn a few beginner standards, like Autumn Leaves, Blue Bossa, maybe a major and a minor blues.

That sort of covers starters, which I haven't completed yet . Don't be intimidated at first or you'll do what I did which is put it off and only learn the fun stuff like standards and listening. You just have to break it up, which I haven't done, and take it patiently, which I haven't done, and have fun!

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Find some good jazz (visit the forum for recommendations) and listen, listen, listen.
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Find some good jazz (visit the forum for recommendations) and listen, listen, listen.

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