hey im new to playin. been at it for about a month. i have a ibanez gsa60 and a line 6 spider III 30. 1st string is makin this terrible sound when played from like the 12th fret to the 22. its not the amp because i plugged it into another amp and i get the same thing. ill have a vid up of it shortly. any help would be great. its pretty annoying
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That's really weird...I've never heard a guitar do that before.
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Sounds like you neck is screwed..... look straight down to the headstock from the body (hold the guitar up in front of you) does the neck look warped at all?
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and also it doesnt matter what pickup its switched to either. its not as bad on the neck
what you're playing on is the neck.

if you hold the guitar body against your chest, and point the neck straight out in front of you, and look down the neck... is it straight? or does it look crooked?

I'm thinking that either your neck needs to be adjusted, or your action.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
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Horrible sound? coming from a Spider...
I think we know what your problem is....

Oh yes... you people just can't leave this amp alone, can you...?

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why dont u read what i was actually talkin about. the guitar had a bad string. wasnt the amp. get over ur hatred for the spider. yeah its a pos but watever