I just bought the new Raconteurs album and when I went to rip it, it came up as Soul Donkey by Sugarman 3 realeased in 2000. It's still the Raconteurs new songs but the songs don't match the ones on the album. Anyone else have this problem
It happened to me, I was wondering if I was going crazy or something because I hadn't heard of anyone else have this happen
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I had to lol! Haha, for being an illegal eh?

Well you should go to prison!

Well, don't hesitate to PM me to pass me the songs!

No i bought the cd thats why its so weird
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It has to do with how the Gracenote DB figures out what album you have.

They look at number of songs and the length of them, and match it up with an album.

and whatever you ripped it with may not have the album in its database yet so thats the raconteurs album did not come up