I am turning 16 on Friday and am going to be taking the test to get my license that day. I want to know some tips that you guys have for taking the driving test, like my brother said to make conversation with the instructor so he/she is not such an ass. I am a good driver but I get really nervous in situations like these. I just want to get past this so I can start driving! Any advice?

I am sure there is a thread on this but for some reason my searchbar isn't coming up with anything so I guess not.
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Before you even think about starting the car, you have to tell the instructor to buckle their seatbelt or they will fail you on the spot. Or at least thats how it is in Maryland.
Just drive like normal and follow the cars ahead of you. The test is extremely easy, no joke.
Also, make sure you stop completely at stop signs, no rolling stops, and don't drive too fast (this tends to be the case with nervous people, but they don't realize it).
Umm ... Don't crash lol
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Just be pleasant and calm.

I'm way past 16 and I still don't have a license. Because I am not calm on the road.
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I barely, rarely drove, I barely passed :P

Go in with a positive mind, and plan for failure.
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Dont worry, its easy. I got like a 97/100 and that was because she said I didn't check my blind spot when merging the second time, which I did but why argue with them, they passed me.

I'm not sure If Id try to make conversation too much they may deduct points if they think your not paying enough attention to your driving.
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parallel park then the rest is easy

make sure you know where all your lights and hazard lights are and such... do the speed limit, come to complete stops, and if you can't see around a corner, stop at the stop line and slowly inch forward until you can get a good view of the road you're merging onto

mine took all but about 5 minutes in the car, pretty easy actually