Is there a list of different guitar's Neck Dimension anywhere?
I've been searching without result.

The reason is that I want to compare the Ibanez Wizard II neck of a S470 with others like Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul.

I've only been playing Wizard II so far and I knew at the shop there was something different with the Fender neck. Somehow it was easier to play but at the same time less comfortable. Maybe looking at the dimension can help me find the reason.
Ibanez give their neck dimensions in their print ads.

I've seen a list of Gibson necks somewhere...give me a minute.

BACK: Some necks here http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1400178

As for Ibanez:
Wizard 2
43mm wide at nut
56mm wide at last fret
19mm thick at first fret
21mm thcik at 12th fret
400mm radius

In the end it's all about which necks you're used to. I personally don't like the necks on high-end Ibanez. They seem too wide and too thin for me. I did, however, like Fender necks. Not too thin, not too huge.
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What about Fender's neck? It's actually the most interesting for me

look in fenders page
in the specs section of the instruments
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Quote by litus
look in fenders page
in the specs section of the instruments

Doesn't say anything about neck width at bridge. Can anyone help?