i'm torn on whether to try this or not... its making a speaker with tin foil, a penny, and heaphones

in theory is sounds reasonable, but the more i think about it, the more it sounds illogical... i have old headphones and stuff to cut up but does any know why this wouldnt work or have you actually tried it? if i can get it to work, me and a few friends were going to try to make almost a "surround sound" out of it through a bit of soldering, but just wondering if anyone actually has tried this
tried it like 10 times, i swear, it doesnt work, nor does any of the other stuff he has up there.
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I tried it. It didnt work but my dad is very smart with electronics and tried to help me out. And it still didnt work. Now if you want to get it to work on youtube just shake the tin foil plate when you turn music on

And in all reality i could kind of tell it wouldnt work because the audio on the one i watched was much too rich for a paper plate =)
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yeah, the main video sounds pretty illogical in terms of sound quality... i was thinking of wrapping the wire around the penny to create like a closed circuit, but i'm still not sure that would have any effect, but i suppose i'm trying it tomorrow morning so i'll find out then
Yeah my dad had me take another wire and make a ground or somthing like that
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stairway to heaven has a solo?!?!
my friends dad is an electric engineer as well.. if it doens't work we'll just figure something else out to do for a science project... i have hope, but not much