I have a Hot Rod deville 410 which is an AMAZING amp and i just discovered it has an effects loop (i know i'm dumb)
I have 2 effects, a ds-1 and a Vox 847 wah (hoping to get a digital delay, loop station, big muff, and maybe chorus) and the Vox sounds great in the effects loop. The ds-1, however, makes the sound REDICULOUSLY loud, like, brown note loud. To boot, it has a crap load less gain and sounds like a really light distortion when cranked (it's level knob is all the way down but the dist. is cranked) and it barely affects my tone cept for volume and the tiniest bit of grit....
So my questions are why? and how can i solve this?
I know i can just hook my ds-1 in front of my guitar so no smart ass answers...that's what i will probably be doing, but is there a way i can get a GOOD dist. in my FX loop?
that's why you don't put it in the effects loop... so don't. problem solved
here's why:

every tube amp has two stages that the signal goes through before it comes out the speaker... there's the preamp, which is the little tubes, and then power amp, which is the big tubes. the effect loop on most amps, and probably on your amp, is used to apply the tones of the effect pedals AFTER the preamp stage of the amp, but BEFORE the power amp.

this is in opposition to putting the effects directly in your guitar's path, before the signal even reaches the amp's input.

many amps make use of the tonal capabilities of their tubes in the preamp stage, adding distortion and colour to the tone coming through it.

when you put a distortion pedal in the effect loop, you are adding distortion to an ALREADY distorted sound, and it seems that the particular amp/pedal/guitar combination you have is very unpleasant.

most guitarists like to put their distortion in the direct signal line, and their other effects in the effect loop. it's about a 50/50 split in opinion for the wah, but if it sounds good in the loop, keep it there.

if you're really intent on keeping the pedal in the effect loop, you can always turn it's level or volume way down, but you said that hasn't helped. does the amp have a volume knob for the effect loop on the back, by any chance? or any kind of buttons or switches relating to the loop?
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I'm assuming you plugging your guitar into the amps input and putting the pedals into the effects loop. You might want to try plugging straight into the DS1s input and its output in the return of the effects loop, bypassing your amps preamp. It will probably not sound all that great but its worth a shot. It can sound good using a fuzz pedal in this manner.
Theres rules for this. Distorsions, overdrives, Wahs and pitch effects before the preamp. Delays, reverbs, Chorus's flanges and phasers in the loop. Yes theres a debate over the wah as in the loop it can sound quite cool in a ever so slightly over the top way but in my experience wahs go before the preamp for your classic wah uses.

Distorsion and overdrive are essentially designed to boost or distort the basic signal from your guitar before it reaches the amp at all. The amps preamp section then colors the sound before its sent to the poweramp for the actual amplification part.
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As stated above, it is a general rule. It moreso applies to the location of your distortion devices though... Any modulation effects can occur anywhere based on taste, but more often than not they are placed in the order that halikus states... as it's more practical in how they affect the signal.

Also, just because you have an effects loop doesn't mean that you have to use it. I have a loop, but still find that it's better for me to run everything direct, except for my ISP Decimator and my delay.
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