Hi, my name is Ron, and I've been playing guitar for almost a year and a half...yeah, I'm a newbie.

Now, my school, has a really good jazz band. You audition, if you play a relevant instrument and you want to, as soon as you get to grade 10. I want to.

I know that there're a lot of really awesome guitar players on here, and I'm wondering if you have any tip on the following...

--> Improv - can it be learned?
--> Audition piece - any suggestions that suit my level?
--> Barre chords / jazz chords - which ones are vital?
--> Acoustic - mine's acoustic. Should I invest in an electric or will mine do? Can't plug in...
--> Counting, scales, riffs, classics...lather me in your intelligence and wonder.
Improv: Yes it can be learned. Learn scales and how to use them. After that: practise till your fingers bleed. Then practise some more.

Audition piece: A fairly simple Jazzstandard like Summertime or Autumn leave

Barre chords/ Jazz chords: It speaks for itself that it's important to use jazzchords when playing jazzmusic but you also need to learn barre chords.

Acoustic or electric: You should atleast have a guitar that can be plugged in. Else you won't get above the Saxophones, piano, etc.

Furthere more it's indeed important to practise counting however you don't have to count all the time (like when you improvise or when you know the rythm of a song by heart).
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