a tab that properly shows how to tap the synth part in knights of cydonia. theres a tab on here with the right notes but it doesnt show what notes to tap. if anyone could help me out id appreciate it
I think he may mean what are the fingering patterns, as in, which notes to tap with which fingers.
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ah, yes...well, I really dont know about that.
Here, for the first little riff you use your left hand to tap the 7 on the E, the 7 on the A,and the 9 on the D.Everything else is with your right hand.I use my middle finger on my left hand and on my right hand I use the first finger for the 10 on the A and my middle finger for the 9 on the G.

This is just fot the first one, but you can pretty much follow for the rest of them.

Hope this helps.
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