Taken from the Ibanez Thread (I hope the owner doesn't mind)
Photo courtesy of ibanezguitarz07

Note the area just above the strings where the paint has been scratched off. I've seen this on a whole bunch of old guitars. Usually, the rest of the guitar is in good condition, just that spot of missing paint.

How the HELL do you manage to scrape it off? I've had my Ibanez for over 4 years, and the finish is still fine on it...Is my playing not intense enough or something?
he must be playing some Slayer
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Some people scratch it off on purpose to look like they have been shredding lol.
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ummm, done on purpose? it looks awesome
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that guitar looks huge!
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... No clue. How the pick actually scratches this zone is beyond me. I doubt it's actual picking. But eh...
I reckon it's done on purpose, or he holds the pick really poorly.
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Very very very heavy pick and some incredibly sloppy playing is the only thing I can think of, apart from intentionally doin it.
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its probably a 7 or 8 string

...It's a Ibanez RG321MH and it's a 6-string. Just look at the headstock, jez...
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Is my playing not intense enough or something?

Yea...you're just weak.
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Of course the guitar looks huge...my dick is bigger than that kids arms.
i hate the looks of it
but if you like it do it with sand paper
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Haha, if he did that on purpose...what a hack.
That doesn't look cool either, it just looks really bad.
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how do you even hit that spot? The only place I ever hit the body of the guitar with my pick is the place between the two pickups under the high e string
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I can't see any reason for that. It looks very bad too; ruined the finish on a decent looking guitar. There's no way he did that by picking unless he's secretly an emo hardcore type guy who attempts "break downs" way too often, what with his triplets and plam muted chords.

EDIT: lol, just realized I mentioned "emo" and "breakdown" in the same sentence...funny stuff.
I have no idea, I've got guitars older than him that are in better condition
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hmmm i made the ibanez thread, and he said that pic is 3-5 yrs old
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Eh it's no biggie... That always happens to my guitars when I pick with a cheese grater...

Gah, from the sound of it, you guys haven't ever used a cheese grater as a pick....

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hell he probably did it on his own he don't look over 13 he probably did it to look big for the girls at his school lol

why shouldnt he? girls think your a badass. or at least the ones at my school.