Well my science teacher gave me homework that i barely understand. could the pit help.it might sound a little weird cuz ive gotta translated from french to english.

1.If 1 kg of concrete will increase 1,4 degrees C when you add 1 kj of thermal energy, how much thermal energy do you have to add if the temperature of the concrete increases 21 degree C?

2.1 kg of granite loses 1,2 degrees C when you remove 1 kj of thermal energy. How much thermal energy will 4 kg of granite lose if the temperature drops by 44.4 degrees C?

thx very much for your help if you can.

Edit: if u could put how u got to it that would be great
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if ive understood u correctly then the first one is 21kj of energy
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21/1.4 = 15kj

(44.4/1.2)x4 = 148 kj
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If you've done any kind of work on proportionality in maths, you should be able to do it.
But here goes
Let y = temperature and x = energy
y is proportional to x
therefore y=kx where k is the constant of proportionality
y=1.4 and x=1
therefore 1.4=k

when y=21, 21=kx=1.4 * x
therefore 21/1.4 = x

You do the second one