does anyone know a place where i can get an Epiphone Dot Electric in the "vintage surnburst" color, which is the same as the Sheraton II. so basically i want the epiphone dot in the color of the sheraton II, heres a picture of the Epiphone:

heres the sheraton color:
why don't you just get a sheraton? They're loads better than the dot.
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Every place that sells the Epi Dot sells it in Sunburst too...as far as I've seen anyways.

I don't see where the difficulty comes in.
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why don't you just get a sheraton? They're loads better than the dot.

The sheraton is only $200 more, looks a hell of a lot sexier, and looks like its way better quality
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get the Sheraton. I heard good things about the Dot, but Sheratons from experience just feel better built
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