I was just wondering about 5 string basses. I'vs had a four string for a few months now, and im used to using my fingers or a pick with the gap inbetween the strings.

If I were to get a five string, would the gaps between the strings be smaller?
The strings are slightly closer together but it shouldn't make a difference if you use fingers or a pick. Slapping may be slightly more difficult but won't affect your abillity too much.
If you get an old one (as in vintage) you will find the spacing tiny. but anything made in the last fifteen years should be nice.
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You can find some with the spacing almost identical to a four string. Fender makes one that I know of (I forget the model). However, the neck is huge to accomodate the spacing.
Depends on the manufacturer. Fenders have the same spacings as their 4's where as Schecter and Warwick have smaller spacings.

It varies though. Just gotta try them out.
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