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I was wondering what artist have done odd covers. Like Children of bodom doing a Britney Spears song, or like System of a down doing La Isla Bonita, by Madonna. Who else has done stuff like this?
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I'd call Travis covering 'Hit me baby one more time' pretty odd (and bloody funny).
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Foo Fighters - Larger Than Life (The Backstreet Boys)
Paul Gilbert- Fly Me to the Moon (Sinatra)
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Motions *the band I'm in* - Tiptoe Through The Tulips (Tiny Tim)

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Take That - Smells Like Teen Spirit CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE
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I'd have to say anything from the Ten Masked Men.

Like Wonderwall... Thank God for youtube!
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I've never heard it, but I did hear that Slayer covered In A Gadda Da Vida, which is totally not their style. I did, however, see the first bit of Slayer's cover of Born To Be Wild (which was a bad performance BTW). That was a little out of place.

Others? No idea....
Although Metallica DID cover Loverman....
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