OK.. so i need an easy solo.. these are some groups i like:

Eric Clapton/Cream
The Who
Golden Earring

and if u know other easy songs that u think i may like post...

and if u dont mind can u post the power tab of the song? you dont have to though.. i can get it myself...
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How easy are we talking? Nirvana easy? Coz smells like teen spirit is a good place to start.

Or....Paranoid - Sabbath
Here comes your man - Pixies
Motorcycle Emptiness - Manic street preachers
Just a girl - No doubt.

I'm sure you can find the power tabs.

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well, mostly all AC/DC are scales
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Stuff like, Sunshine of your love, While my Guitar Gently weeps, Wont Get Fooled Again,

pretty simple

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Kiss-Detroit Rock City
Poison- Talk Dirty To Me
Twisted Sister- We're Not Gonna Take It

thats about as easy as it gets as far as im concerned though it may not sound quite right on Rock City and Not Gonnna Take It considering your not going to be playing two guitars michael angelo batio style
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Ight thnx.... post if u have any other ideas... ill probably try Sunshine of your love since i know the whole song - the solo...
I play guitar.