im thinking of getting an epiphone valve standard.
or is it better to get the valve junior head/cab.
it cost about the same
whats the difference?

i play a schecter tempest custom.
I would go for the head + cab for speaker size, and head room. Look at the search bar for more answers!
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You mean an actual Epiphone Valve standard or do you mean a Valve Junior combo?

If you mean a Valve Standard and it's the same price as the Junior, I would go for it.
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Epiphone Valve Standard - 15watt tube combo w/three band EQ and some DSP effects (that can be turned off thankfully).

Epiphone Valve Jr. Combo - 5watt tube combo w/single volume control

Epiphone Valve Jr. Stack - 5watt tube w/single volume control and seperate 12" cab.
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