This is my newest song, it probably my first full song that i can say i put a lilttle bit of effort in, i still don't know how to use Guitar Pro to well so i try my best anyways the usual
New SOng 2.zip
Very, very nice. I love the absolute simplicity of it - kind of makes me feel like an ass, muddling around with classical.

Normally, I would make some sort of question as to where the solo was, but .. I don't think this piece needed it. It's simply straight to it. It just embodies that feeling of ignoring everything in the world when you're focused on kicking someone's ass.
Didn't really like the rallentando part. Was quite redundant since all it done was lead into the main riff again. Perhaps adding a new section after that rallentando would give it more emphasis.

Other than that it was pretty good. Would make a good Alt/Hard Rock song that someone like Atreyu or Caliban would write.
it's preety simple.. i like it.
reminds me of new metal (sorry )
hard not to bang (;
as i said.. it's simple. you cant do something really wrong
i like the bassline and the drums.
but it sounds a bit empty without vocals..
record it. with vocals. <:

crit my song ?
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It does give a nu metal vibe kinda. It you had the two guitars doing something different more often it would make this sound fuller. I didn't like the clean guitar very much, imo it could have stayed distorted and had the same effect. There was nothing that made my mouth drop but it was solid. 6.5/10