Ive been playing for about a year and have a Gibby v factor and just noticed that the stop bar on the bottom side (if your playing her) is pulled out away from the body like 1/4 in. Did I just notice this? Or is the stop bar not supossed to be level. The guitars never been abused etc and the screws are still in the horizontal position like they came from the factory could it have pulled out?

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Its not level. I noticed this as well
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if your guitar is intonated (play a full barre chord any where on the neck if the chord is in tune your fine, if not look up intonation.) then the slant is probably part of the design or do you mean one side is higher than the other? if it's in tune don't worry.

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It's really hard to diagnose a problem, if there is one, with out pics.
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