I want to buy an electric guitar. My two options are Musician's Friend and Sweet Water.
Which one do you consider is my best option?

Thanks for your answers.

I already know what guitar I'm getting, (they both have it) and I know the prices are the same.
But I've heard Sweet Water has better control quality for the guitars they sell. They have this 55-Point Evaluation Control ( http://www.sweetwater.com/feature/buy_guitars/55pointevaluation.php ) but I don't know if that's bull****.
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Depends. There are times when there are better buys on musicians friend and then there are also times when sweetwater has better deals. Best thing to do is to not stick to one specific company and check out the merch your looking in fo everywhere. I hate sweetwater btw
MF has been known to have crappy shipping and handling, so I'd go with the other guys.
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