I want to "build" a telecaster. so i was thinking i was just gonna buy an affinity squier telecaster and stripping all of it and just keep the wood (neck and body). i would redo everything. adjust truss rod, new pickups and so on. i was wondering what would be the best pickups for a good bluesy sound.
right now i play out of a Fender White Lighting Deluxe. and have no good distortion pedals (digitech hot head).

any suggestions?
For the neck i would drop in a nice smooth sounding P-90 and for the bridge you coud put a tex-mex tele single coil in the bridge. I heard a guy playing with a tele set up like this and it sounded godly
P-90 sounds kinda interesting for the application, take a shot!
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Guitar fetish pickups are supposed to be the best value for money. I know a lot of people on the Telecaster forum swear by them, so maybe check out something like the hot 60s bridge pickup and a P-90 in the neck would be really nice.

Also.. If you're in UK I have a Telecaster neck and body for sale that are better quality then a Squire affinity for cheaper.. PM me if you're interested.
hey, i was thinking of doing something like this, but keeping all the Parts and replacing the body instead. I was going to make an esquire with a mini humbucker or something in the bridge.
P90s are great on a Tele. I just spent several hours routing out my '62 for a neck humbucker and middle p90, reckon it could be an interesting combination. My only bit of advice is to get a Standard Series, not an Affinity. The wood is better on the Standards, and if that's the only bit you're keeping then it makes sense to get the best you can. Personally I'd have a look on eBay for a battered old MIM or high-end Squier, and scrounge the wood from it.