I've been looking into getting a tube amp for several months now, and after checking out many amps (Engl, Carvin, Mesa, etc.) I think I've found what I'm going to get. A VHT Deliverance 60W. It just seems like a great amp. The single channel doesn't bother me (I actually think I would have to be more creative by using the volume on my guitar as a channel switcher), nor does the lack of effects loop (the amp was designed to take pedals well). I really don't use many effects anyway... The tone of it is great, from cleans all the way up high gain. I took a lesson from a guy who had one a while back, and he couldn't stop raving about the thing. Anyway, I was just wondering what UG thought of my choice.

Also, I was originally thinking of getting a Vader cab (inexpensive + highly recommended), but I've recently realized the epicness of Earcandy. A custom cab? Just for me? All the reviews for them are great, and I just wanted to know what you guys/gals thought. I'm thinkin' of a Buzzbomb with Green Machines.


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Get a Port City wave cab....that thing is GOD

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VHT+Vader, will be a super tight metal tone, Crisp tight and clear
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What I'd say though, is what is your budget. There are probably some other amps you could/should look into as well

The VHT is about the limit of my budget (~$1500-1600).

EDIT: However, I am more or less set on this amp, so I'm not really looking for other suggestions.
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I think you have some great choices there man, not really a way to go wrong.

Just to throw it out there though, channel 2 of the SigX is based on the Deliverance voicing.

for cabs, the Vaders are cool cabs for the price, the V12 is a great speaker. I'm pretty sure they are made per order too, just like Earcandy. I liked the look of those sugarcones at Earcandy, but a lot of places will make custom cabs for you. There are some good bang for the buck cabs like Avatar, Lopo, mojo. They make a good product, and I think let you choose the tolex options. Splawn also has come great prices for his cabs, considering the build quality and materials. All of his are made to order, and the custom options are included in the price. The Port City look cool too, haven't heard one in person, but I keep hearing good things. Looks like something different than everyone else, and not ridiculously priced either.

Best cab I've used yet however, is the Mills Acoustics Afterburner, hands down. Not cheap, but amazing cabs.
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Just to throw it out there though, channel 2 of the SigX is based on the Deliverance voicing.

Yeah, that looks like a great amp...too bad its about $700 out of my price range. Also, I think they're too new to find used .

VHT Pitpull and a VHT Fat bottom 2x12 cabinet.

Yes, that's a great amp, and yes (if you are talking about the Ultra Lead) it costs $3600 or so. Not trying to be sarcastic or anything, but that is waay out of my range.
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Yeah, that looks like a great amp...its just about $700 out of my price range, and I think they're too new to find used.

hehe, I've seen a used one up already, it was priced too high though. Your're right though, it is too new to find used, didn't see your time frame.

Have you considered the Deliverance or fatbottom cabs? I was looking at them for a while, and I was regularly seeing prices of 550-650 in mint condition. They are supposed to pair up very well with the heads, the P50E is the speaker they designed the amp around. I've heard the VHT amps in particular really work really well with VHT cabs, compared to other amps.

edit: just realized you were in Canada. don't know the availability there, but I've seen quite a few on eBay the last few months.
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Yeah, I've looked at the VHT cabs, and they seem really nice. There are two problems though...

1) From what I recall (could easily be wrong), the Deliverance cabs are only 412s. I forgot to mention this earlier but I am after 212s, for the reason simple reason that they are easier to move around.

2)The fatbottoms come in 212, but they start new at $700+, which is quite a bit before shipping and taxes. If I could find a used one that would be great, cause VHT + VHT is supposed to be one of the best ways to go. I'm not too big on ebay, but if there is a good deal then I don't see why I couldn't look into it.
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I've played a couple VHT Pittbulls (100w & 50w), & both were great amps. I've not played a Deliverance, but my experience w/ VHT (incl their power amps) tells me that they do not make any inferior products. Their stuff seems to be pro level in every way.
Congrats on the new amp!

Edit: If you're seriously thinking about custom cabs, check these out:
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