I'm going on a trip to Japan next month and i'm going to buy a guitar. But I can't diecide which i'm going to get out of three choices i have.

Ibanez EGEN18




Ibanez RGT320Q Prestige

Ibanez RGR370D

Sorry they're all Japan only models.
Oh and i'm not buying them it's my rich uncle who's going to but the guitar.
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LOOl that pink is a cover of alexi laihos new one ^^

id take that esp svfr but i would switch the pickups ... maybe to emg or saymour doncan
Either the Herman Li S series, or the ESP V (w/two pickups)
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Definitely the pink one. Not a huge fan of V's or that other weird shape.
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Try it all first and see what you like best.
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I would get a Tokai, but that's just me...
Get the one with the divets on the left horn. It is damn sexy.

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I'd say the EGEN on looks.

I bet it rips though.
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Pink V!!!
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I like how Herman Li's sig doesn't have his name on it anywhere. Classy...

On topic though, the Ibanez S and ESP SV are the obvious top two choices. Either one would be amazing.
hermans sig is probally on the back of the headstock, i like the hand grip on it
I narrowed the choices to the Ibanez RGT320Q, Ibanez EGEN18, ESP SV-FR, and the EDWARDS E-AL-166 PINK SAWTOOTH.

Since my cousin has tried all the guitars that i listed and he said the Ibanez RGT320Q/EGEN18 and the ESP/Edwards SV-FR/E-AL-166 PINK SAWTOOTH were great.
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hermans sig is probally on the back of the headstock, i like the hand grip on it

That's likely, but I like how it isn't blaringly obvious by having some intricate thing on the headstock or even worse inlayed in the frets.
Buy the herman li guitar man...its versatility looks amazing, with all its pup combination options
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it looks like im getting the EGEN based on the number of paoss saying that the EGEN is the Better choice.