ok i created a tap but when i do i my left hand finger keeps hitting the e string and causes the note to bleed with the open fret and it sounds bad, im using my metal pedal to get a heavy high pitched tone and i dont want to turn it off so what should i do, should set my guitar to the rythme position to do it, or get another pedal to bypass with a lowered tone to lower the tone
use a sock, or wrist and and put it close to the nut, so that any unwanted note will be immediately muted.
go with the tone you want, and then adjust your technique to properly mute that e string, or avoid hitting it all together. I wouldn't suggest sacrificing the sound you want to better use a technique. Just practice, practice, practice.
see i try muting with my fret hand but the tapping is done realativly fast and as i kep doing it my finger tends to apply more pressure