I am selling/looking for trades on a Boss BD-2.

It is fairly new but has some cosmetic wear. To me that is a cool thing as it gives it character and makes it look vintagey hehe. It works flawlessly.

Anyways it has been modded. It is now a much fuller sounding overdrive unit with no fizz or harsh sounds as the tone or gain is turned up. It is smoother than the stock unit. It has a small switch installed for a volume/gain boost. It has also been equipped with a brand new 5mm red LED (I can install any color you want). Do not worry this pedal sounds great and was modded to high standards. I am not new to elec and this is not my first mod...

Anyways great unit.... I am sure someone can give it a great home. I am open to trades...pedals really. I actually wouldn't mind trading for a stock BD-2 as my friend wants me to mod one for him. You can buy it though for $80 + shipping. A damn good price for a custom modded overdrive.

Thanks for looking
If there's anything in my thread you're interested in (the link's in my sig), let me know. I'd love a modded BD-2.
Hey, I'm Mike.
Ah, thanks for looking anyway. All my other pedals have a safe spot in my rig, I've just been in need of an OD.

Darn, I really want this BD-2, it seems great. I'd buy it, but I've only got like $60... obviously way below what you're asking. If you haven't sold it/traded it when I've got more money I may come after it.
Hey, I'm Mike.
rocktek chorus pedal?
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