I'm sure you've heared this a few times but I'm looking for a new guitar amp, I'm a bass player mainly so nothing amazing. My last amp was a Marshall MG50Dfx, so as you can see I need your help.

I mainly play ska, punk and dub and would only really be using the amp for home recording. I'm trying to spend as close to £100 as possible, but could probably spring to £200 if I really have to, also I don't mind buying used. I've been considering an Orange Crush 30r, so does anyone have any other reccomendations that I should have a look at?
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Bass thread?

Unless you're playing the guitar now or something.

Get a Laney VC15 if you wanna spring the extra dough, they sound pretty killer.

If you think you'll want more sounds or something, check out modeling amps like the Vox Valvetronix or something.
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Tons of low-wattage, cheap tube amps coming out nowadays. Blackheart, Fender Champ, Epi Valve Jr., the Laney's mentioned, Peavey Royal 8, Gretsch (I think it's the EXACT amp as the Champ, though), and a few more I'm sure I'm forgetting. They'd all be solid choices for home recording. With the styles you play, I'd try to demo as many of them as possible and just choose the one with the best clean tone.

x2 on the Valvetronix amps, those things are great fun around the house. Roland Cubes have a pretty good reputation if you wanted to go the SS/Hybrid route, as well.
I use small tube amps for recording; I also use my Flextone III's line-out abilities.

That's really it; either a small tube combo for gallons of tone, or something flexable ad digital for gallons of options.
Line 6 Flextones are actually very good from what I've heard, but I would go with a Laney or a Blackheart
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