I have been playing bass a few years and im left handed but play bass right handed. Recently i have developed pain in my wrist, i beleive from playing. Also about a minute before i typed this i was playing i had pain on the iside of my finger for some reason.

Any explainations?
If it only hurts when you play bass, I would suspect bad technique. If you get sharp pains at other times or a slow dull ache in your wrists or tingling in your fingers, you probably want to have it checked out by a doctor.
You may bend your wrist too much when you play, which can lead to CTS. I used to do that, but now I take more of an angled position when I play; it really helps to straighten out both wrists. If it's not that, it may be because you're using too much pressure when you play, or you play for extended amounts of time without taking a break. If you think it's bad, then see a doctor because all anyone on here can tell you is advice based on similar experiences.
try not playing for a day or two and let things heal up, it happens to me every so often.
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Get someone who really knows their stuff to make sure your technique is ok. If you play alot, or go longs times without playing and then play alot you might have nerve damage in your fingers, which would explain the tingle. Make sure your not playing with your bass too low or at a bad angle. Only other thing I can think is that you have a weak wrist and grip. If you cant find any other cause then do whatever you can to improve your wrist and grip strength.
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It sounds like the beginnings of a R(epetitive)S(train)I(njury). Usually (or at least in the one case I've heard of with my drummer) doctors usually say to stop or really limit your playing for a week or two. If this has been going on for as long as you've been playing bass then you obviously have bad technique and should get it checked out by a good teacher
Let me explain my post a bit. My better half just went through surgery for CTS. Its not pleasant and the first signs of it are a constant dull ache and tingling in your fingers. Make sure you stretch your fingers and roll your wrists before you play. Your hands should also be warm before you play.

Make sure your wrist is positioned correctly when you are playing (thumb behind neck acting as a pivot) and keep your arm close to your body. And use a strap! Don't make your fretting hand fret and hold up your neck.
Do you stretch or warm up your wrists before you play? I've played with cold muscles and gotten strain wrists before. Also if you play at a different angle than your body's used to, it can cause injury.
stop playing for a while, then go back to it. Also, warm up more before playing - this is a huge benefactor in wrist health.

other than that, see a doctor? lol
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how do you warm up the joints in your wrist...muscles warm up not joints
Yeah as bderivan said, warm up the muscles in that hand/arm, do some stretches, stuff like that should help quite a bit.
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i have a sharp pain in my wrist when i play too. it's been there for years. it comes and goes and i get it when i don't play too but when i use my wrist a lot. i'm pretty sure bass started the problem though as i aquired it shortly after my bass. take care of it early because mine could be something wrong with the ligament or something... I might need surgery toget it fixed. gonna suck when i can't play. if you take time off and it goes away and doesn't come back that's good. but if it keeps coming back get it checked out before it's too late.
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I'd go to a doctor to get it checked out... if it's CTS you want that thing fixed up fast because it can do some massive damage. Post-surgery is a bitch for about two weeks but it's way better than the alternative of letting things fall apart and possibly getting it so bad to the point where you can't play AT ALL.

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