We just had a new song recorded and mixed.

Any crit and/or improvement suggestions would be very nice!

If you'd like,
check out some other songs as well,
I've yet to get any feedback from the UG community.

happily C4C

and thanks

Here's the link:
Myspace.com .
"Where I Stand"
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woah, I was wondering what to expect from a band with the name "tanicus", and I am pleasantly surprised.

I like how the guitar really listens to what the singer is doing. I also think that what the guitar does at around 1:00 is awesome. I could imagine listening to this on the radio.

You guys really seem to be able to hold down a beat and keep the song moving, which is hard for a lot of bands to do. Nice Mixolydian guitar solo btw.

Your singer is really good, he manages to stay on pitch without faltering hardly ever. You guys kinda remind me of a deep purple/aerosmith mix breed.

overall good job.

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ha I know what you mean.
The story behind that name, not really long, just kinda by chance.

the rhythm guitar player plays the lead parts in the verses, and our lead guitar handles the solos.
they compliment each other fairly well.

thanks for the comment!
hey thanks alot man.

sure I'll check it out.

anyone else who checks the songs out,
I've yet to get feedback on the other songs as well.
if, of course, it is in the best interest of your time.
The vocals sound great

The sound is very full, i love it.

The licks and chord progressions are really good

The solo was amazing...simple as that. Guns n' roses like?

After the solo, about 3:00 and beyond the right speaker is just goin through awesome licks, i like it alot.

Great song, great work. i love it
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Excellent, I really liked it, played it like 3 times.


I really appreciate it!
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The vocals sound great

The sound is very full, i love it.

The licks and chord progressions are really good

The solo was amazing...simple as that. Guns n' roses like?

After the solo, about 3:00 and beyond the right speaker is just goin through awesome licks, i like it alot.

Great song, great work. i love it

that's funny,

the guitarists MAIN influence was/is gnr.

I really appreciate that man,
and it was you that added us wasn't it?

Great guitar, great singing, great everything!
It sounds great, I've listened to it multiple times.
Wow, really, this sounds like a professional recording. Great guitar tone, great guitar style. You're really talented, that much is apparent.

As for criticism... Alls I can think of is really little nitpicky stuff. Like that I think your kick drum sounds a little on the metal side for the song, maybe make it more powerful and less clicky? That's not much of a crit though, nice job.

I know what you mean about the kick.
It seems like I've gone through an endless battle with turning the kick up, the crashes down, pumping up the kick, making the crashes less tinny, equalizing the snare so the high-hat doesn't bleed, etc etc... it gets to be a pain, but hey, it's all worth it in the end huh?

thanks for the crit though, I'll definitely try and mess with the kick... it'll probably make it sound quite a bit more full.

Thanks for the crit!

First of all, awesome recording quality. Sounds professional. Everything was really good but the vocals and guitar playing really stood out. The singer has a unique tone to his voice (in a good way) and he's just generally awesome. The guitar playing was top-notch too, all of the licks and the solo(s) were very well done. I especially like the bit when you have a little solo going on over the vocals.

This is definitely something I could hear on the radio. You guys definitely have talent. Very nice song. Keep it up!
No problem man, anytime.

Hey I appreciate it.

The last part was a make it or break it kind of thing, we kind of went back and forth with keeping it and taking it out,
but we decided it adds to the song,
so just left it in there.

we had thought that the recording had stopped, but he kept on playing anyways.
and it ended up sounding pretty kick a s s.

I apreciate the comment man,
Great vocals man! Guitarist is very good as well as the bassist and drummer!
Nice job! I like the song!
ahh good old rock. first off, vocals=amazing. im not much of a vocal man, but these are good, thats what sets good band from bad bands in this genre. good recording quality. like said before, very GnR, pretty good though, you stray away from them a bit. solo was pretty good, fit the song very well. seems to be a pretty basic structure. overll pretty cool song, id reccomend switching up structures, maybe doulbe timing/tempo changes for other songs, to add more variety.
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

thanks alot bro.

We've came a long way,
and spent a hell of a lot of time to construct the sound that suits our fancy,
and try and stray away from the status quo.

It's an on goin fight with the music industry today,
getting booked and all.
we're either "too hard" or "not hard enough"
it's a battle,
a worthwhile one at that.

and I thank you for the support,
and suggestions.

Nice. The guitar solo seemed a tad sloppy on one part, just a little tiny bit, but other than that the song is definitely record-quality.

Awesome band all around really...I just left your page playing.
Nope, no sig here.
'preciate the support man.

I know EXACTLY which part you're talkin' about with the solo...
but I think it's the sloppy playing that birngs out the soul some times huh?

thanks for the crit,
gave you some on your thread btw!
Wow. I'm really liking your music. Some very radio friendly music that is different from the nickelback emulating bands. The singing is awesome. I really really like the solos, and lead guitar. It's awesome.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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ha thanks.

nickleback emulating... oh man...
That's great.

thanks for compliment man.

any other crit you happen to be in need of,
let me know.
Nice old school mix if you ask m e. It has that has that pop-grunge mid 90's feel. I'm usually nbot a fan of these type as of vocals but they fit the song. I'm loving the little leads in between words, very bluesy.

Sorry for the late crit, your critted me as I went on vacation
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Nice sound, pretty proffessional, and some nice guitar work and vocals. There is nothing much wrong with the song itself, just lacking in the originality department. I guess this is an artistic choice your band make, and you just want crits about your song, so I won't go there. Solo was really nice too, fitted very well. I liked the little solo over the chorus after the main solo as well. great guitar work throughout the song really.

Good job. Should tidy up the string noise etc. at the end though. That's just nit-picking, but it kinda made it a little less professional.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=828701
That was killer. Great quality and the playing was great too. You're playing at the Whiskey a go go? Nice! Really good job. Best of luck to you guys.
well played and well produced, but I think the chorus needs to be louder, maybe it's me it's just me but it seems like there's a volume drop after the first verse, other than that I can easily see hearing this track on mainstream hard rock radio as is.

nice guitar solo too.
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The vocals start too abruptly, you could gather your audiences attention a lot better if you played an intro instead of breaking into the vocals straight away. The vocals themselves seem a little forced and unnatural. The guitar playing reminds me a lot of gnr, particularly the song paradise city. If you were going for a radio friendly rock song, you hit the sound. My only real problem with the song besides the lack of an intro and the stressed vocals is the way that it feels like its been done before, but all that really means is that theres an established market for your sound.

check mine out please: http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=894693
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Nice guys!
Real good, summer time, bonfire party type tune. I liked all of it really....But what stood out, was the vocals. I'm also not THE biggest fan of vocals all the time. I tend to prefer singers with distinctive voices, more so than just pure vocal talent. But this dude really does seem to have both. I think that with just a bit more work, he's got potential to stand out & be pretty unique.
Usually, I like songs until the vocals kick in...LOL...this one worked all the way through for me.

Nice stuff guys, the rest of the tunes sounded very good too.


Quite the song here. Sounds very much like a local band here...got a the grungy-yet-heavy sound, and you guys pull it off very well.

The vocals are probably the most noted part of the song, they fit the music almost perfectly...something that doesn't happen a whole lot.
The guitars are very nice. Heavy, excellent playing, and the solo was pretty much insanely awesome.
Drums and bass: very good also, help put that "full sound" mentioned earlier together.

I like the song; it's original, catchy, awesome, and something that sounds like it's be crazy live

hey man thanks for the crit on my song. i actually don't have a band, but i'm looking to get one started. u know, i would love to turn up the snare a bit but i only use one mic to do the drums haha.

anyways, as for your song, very cool. great lyrics and melodies, especially the guitar lines during and in between the verse. i can see that we do, in fact have much of the same influences. badass solo too, i really liked the song overall.

i really don't have a constructive crit for you, it's a very well done song. props man, you guys are on you way.
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Dood!!!!! Finally a new band that actually writes Rock N Roll!!! Very good stuff. I loved the soloing through the chorus, the drums sounded a little flat (really just the snare) but that's really just taste, overall they were perfect for the song, the vocals were outstanding, the chorus is catchy as hell, dood I can hear this playing in my car.

Your other songs were good too!

Nice myspace design too!!

Loved it!!!


This is pretty good. Sounds like a fairly standard, radio-friendly rock effort. Nothing overly exciting, but definitely something I would pick up as far as a whole album of similar style music. Vocals were well controlled, solos were fairly good though the lead could be a little louder to highlight the fact that its played pretty well. Drumming is smooth and the bass is surprisingly audible and really stood out for me.

Good work.
I can see myself downloading your songs illegally when you become popular. Let's put it that way.
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Mr. Sleven, if we get any where near that popular, I'l GIVE you the music. Hold me to that my friend.